How much does a Black Lion card cost?

Depending on which card you choose we offer 3 different tiers of card, pricing and benefits can be seen here.

How do I get a metal card?

Black Lion offers different types of cards depending on your membership level. With silver and gold memberships, you will receive a black plastic Black Lion card.  Diamond memberships come with limited edition metal cards in either black, silver, rose. or gold. You can upgrade your membership level at any time within the app or via customer support.

Can I spend in different currencies with my card?

Your Black Lion card has a base currency,  If you use your card to make a purchase in a different currency, the merchant will be paid in that currency. The funds will automatically be exchanged from USD into any of the 150+ different currencies supported by the card using competitive exchange rates.

Can I spend my digital currencies with my Black Lion card?

The Black Lion account allows you to quickly convert digital currencies in your wallet to traditional currency. You can add these funds to your Black Lion card and spend the money online, in-stores, restaurants, cafes, shops, transport and anywhere that accepts card payments.

How do I find my pin number?

Black Lion will deliver your card by Express courier. Once you receive your card you will need to activate it with your personal pin number. A sealed envelope will be deliverd to you containing your pin number that must not be shared with anyone. Please keep your pin safe and secure at all times.